Steve Augustus MA, LCPC Counseling and Psychotherapy Individual, Couple & Family
Steve Augustus MA, LCPCCounseling and Psychotherapy     Individual, Couple & Family


I have extensive experience in treating depression, anxiety, codependence and specialized training in treating PTSD.

Beyond being trained in these treatment modalities I have personally experienced the pain and struggles of severe depression, anxiety and codependence and emerged knowing what they are about in an intimate way. I can walk with you on this journey. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is the most common treatment but often more is needed to help clients through this difficult time and the knowledge of what it's like adds a deeper dimension of treatment. I accept clients 18 year old and up.





I have specialized Level 3b Consultation Training in Gottman Method Couples Therapy with the Gottman Insititute in Seattle, Washington. With over 40 years of research on what makes relationships work and what goes wrong when they don't, Gottman Marital Therapy is uniquely helpful for:

  • Premarital Treatment to help couples KNOW how to relate to each other in healthy and functional ways and stay happy together. 


  • Post-Natal Treatment for couples who very often experience a severe drop in marital satisfaction after the birth of children.


  • Post Affair Treatment for couples who are experiencing the pain of an affair.


  • Empty Nest Therapy for couples who find they have difficulty feeling connected once the children have grown




Catholic / Christian Counseling

If your faithlife is not part of counseling then a significant part of you may not  be being addressed. Anxiety may feel like you've been abandoned and depression like a punishment at times. Learning how to connect your faith to your experience can give it a new and helpful understanding. I have been integrating faith with therapy my entire career and can help you with this.

Treatment Orientation

Cognitive Behavioral


Emotionally Focused



Gottman Method






Trauma Focused

Catholic/Christian Integration

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